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35+ Blockchain RNG Use Cases Enabled by Chainlink VRF | Chainlink Blog

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Chainlink VRF is the industry-leading secure random number generator (RNG), enabling smart contracts and off-chain systems to access a verifiably tamper-proof source of randomness. Since its mainnet launch in October 2020, Chainlink VRF has serviced over a million requests for fair and unbiased random numbers across Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. Those random numbers have been used to power a wide variety of use cases in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and DeFi. 

In this blog post, we briefly explore how Chainlink VRF works and its advantages over existing RNG solutions, before looking at 35 unique use cases powered by Chainlink VRF that are in production by top projects or waiting to be created by innovative developers.

The number of Chainlink VRF requests is rapidly increasing. Why Chainlink VRF

When people initially think of gaming, NFTs, art, and even science, they often overlook the importance of randomness in determining outcomes. From selecting patients in random controlled trials to determining winners in games to generating variation in digital artwork, entropy is a core component to making these processes fair, exciting, and secure. Yet, accessing a source of randomness that is tamper-proof, unpredictable, and auditable by all participants is not an easy task—especially when bringing entropy into highly deterministic blockchain networks.

For example, RNG solutions derived from the blockchain itself, such as using block hashes, introduce attack vulnerabilities where blockchain miners/validators can choose to publish a block only when it generates more favorable results for themselves. Essentially, miners/validators have the ability to re-roll the dice to obtain a new source of randomness. 

Blockchain miners/validators can exploit blockchain-based RNG solutions.

Alternatively, RNG solutions derived from off-chain API providers are opaque and unverifiable, so users have no proof that the randomness was no...

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