Is there a legitimate concern about US citizens keeping crypto on the Earn platform?

self.CelsiusNetwork1m ago
Like most of you, I was pretty disappointed to receive "that" email today, although not completely unexpected. I am one of those who does have unstaked/unlent crypto on hand, so I can transfer fairly quickly. So having been through this right as I deposited into both BlockFi and Nexo, I remember being annoyed that I could not add anything more to those accounts for interest. Now that Celsius is part of this group- before I went on Reddit- my initial thought was "get some BTC on there stat!" (Mainly because BTC earning opportunities are not as prevalent for obvious reasons). Now having done my daily doom scrolling, I see many people saying "GET OUT", "ALL IN ON DEFFI", etc. etc. And many people feel that their holdings could be at risk in a scenario where the SEC/Celsius would require only accredited investors to remove their funds in the future. Is there a real, legitimate concern for those with more financial knowledge than myself? It seems like some of these opinions are coming from a place of high emotion, which is understandable because this is getting frustrating. And of course, anything is possible- its crypto after all, nothing is a given at this point in the game. But for real, really really for this a valid concern?