Some of the recent highlights

self.CasperCSPR1m ago
Now when [Day 1 of Blockchain Hub Davos]( is over, let'd take a moment to remember some of the latest news of Casper ecosystem \~ 1. [Update 1.4.6 went smoothly.]( Changes there are non-visible to common users, but quite important for node operators. 2. CasperPad announced their next IDO to happen in June - a Casper-native NFT Marketplace. No more details yet. 3. Encentive integrated Casper. “The integration means that any developers building on $CSPR will be able to set up their own #DEX and offer #DeFi services...” Do you remember, that there's an [auction going on]( on Metacask during Blockchain Hub Davos? You still have time to participate.