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Young, Reliable, Stake Pool Seeking Long-Term Relationship with 1-10 Million ADA

Hello! I'm a long-time member of the Cardano community, and I am actively seeking delegators to my stake pool: VIPER Stake Pool. Below is some information on my pool, and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment or join the pool's telegram channel. **Pool information:** * Ticker: VIPER * Website: []( * Telegram: []( * Hardware: VPS (AWS) * Stake: \~500k ADA (average)\* * Blocks found: 3 of 3 (100 %) * Fees: 25 ADA + 2% \*\* \* The [Stake Pool Bootstrap group]( is currently directing a large amount of stake to my pool for the next two epochs. Hopefully, this will help us get several more blocks in the near term. \*\* Pool fees are only deducted from block rewards. We do not have access to charge your delegated ADA! See [this post]( for more information on how pools take fees. **Why consider VIPER Stake Pool?** The goal is to provide a low cost and reliable stake pool operated by a community member that wants to see Cardano successfully decentralized. Cloud hosting was chosen for reliability and diversity (pools are currently being run on a wide variety of home servers and VPS providers). The pool is presently small but operating reliably, so its an excellent alternative to an oversaturated pool. I'm also only running a single pool and *will not* attempt to run multiple pools merely to increase profits. Furthermore, delegators receive regular updates and can ask questions in the telegram channel. **Operator Background** I am currently the primary operator of the pool, and I have been a part of the Cardano community from early on (I remember buying my first ADA at over 40 cents!!). Since first learning about the project (listening to Charles Hoskinson's videos), I've dreamed of running a stake pool on...
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Some $ADA love from a dex's blog

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