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YOROI spending password BRUTE FORCE ATTACK?

Hi, if you just use the yoroi browser extension as your wallet without a hardware wallet, you could lose all your ADA via a brute force attack on your spending password, if your PC gets compromised, or am I wrong? If your spending password is weak, you should consider to take some action. What do you think?
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exciting new updates from YoroiWallet

A @YoroiWallet dApp connector will allow interactions between users and blockchain-based dApps on the Cardano blockchain. We are excited for you to read our new blog on our upcoming release and what i...
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Cardano 360 July Mini Edition

Welcome to the Cardano 360 Mini - July Edition! This is your quick recap on all the things we talked about inside our regular Cardano360 monthly show!Registe...
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Cardano Ecosystem News - July 2021

These are the main news from July 2021 Cardano 360 Update, which you can watch as a video in聽 full version 聽and the mini version will be available soon. 1 . Global Cardano 2021 Summit Goguen Editi...
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Cardano & the Crypto Armageddon

Cardano (ADA) may soon find itself in a crypto armageddon where a brand new comprehensive regulatory framework is imposed on the entire space. This framewor...