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Yoroi Re-Delegating

Hello, Are staking rewards on Yoroi automatically redelegated or not? On Daedalus it seems to work that way. I just transferred my ada to a new stake pool. On pool . pm it showed that only my ada in main wallet was transferred but not rewards. Am I suppose to "withdraw" my rewards and then "keep registered" in order to put those fresh rewards back to work? It's asking for a fee to do this of .17 Ada. Again is this something I have to do every time to compound my rewards? If my questions are not out of ignorance, then this seems to be a very ambiguous process, which is definitely a turn-off for me and probably other users. I am a strong Cardano enthusiast, however if we're trying to build a user-friendly experience, Yoroi is not that. Also as a designer, artist, and professor, I can objectively say that the interface is remedial at best. Another upgrade on the dashboard would be to denote my current stake pool right next to the current epoch. Maybe make this a bigger type or different font. The dashboard is visually flat. Adding some depth would go a hell of a long way to absorb the user. Thanks in advance for your responses. Go Team!! You are awesome!
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