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Wootrade is on board

Wootrade to explore the benefits of Cardano’s emerging decentralized community

Wootrade’s network will support the ADA token and work with the Cardano Foundation and the wider Cardano ecosystem on more efficient digital asset trading and improved capital market infrastructure.

Cardano’s sustainable focus on scalable public blockchain technology and peer-reviewed research has positioned itself strongly between financial, corporate, and government organizations. Since being founded in 2017, the Cardano Foundation has grown a passionate community of builders and believers, eager to experience improved financial technologies through decentralization and on-chain governance.

Cardano’s advantages

On April 15th, the Cardano Foundation released a token registry, signifying the first step towards creating a digital token landscape. Cardano’s blockchain mints and manages tokens natively instead of via smart contracts, making it easier to deploy and transact assets. This has the potential to unlock more efficient DeFi ecosystems that could quickly attract billions of dollars in assets and daily trading volume. This follows the March 31st announcement from IOHK, founding member and core development arm of Cardano, that the Plutus Pioneer Program would be launched.

This program is a free 10-week training program focused on teaching developers more on functional programming languages, and specially Plutus; the smart contract programming language for Cardano. Close to 500 developers have signed up in preparation of the official smart contract launch occurring later this year, a promising sign that a rich third-party dApp ecosystem will be built around these technological developments.

Where does Wootrade fit in all this?

Naturally, where there is an influx of trading volume, there is a greater demand for liquidity. Wootrade can quickly leverage its institutional liquidity provision strategies to bring assets on chain, delivering a profess...

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