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Will anybody help giving Elby the design he deserves ?

Hi, If you want to meet Elby, and enter in the Safety in Numbers "ELBY CHALLENGE", then please send a mail to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Safety in Numbers is a Collective, and we have a running Fund 5 Catalyst proposal : []( ( Anyone interested to become a Langbassador and help translate educational & news animation vids in non-english languages can apply as well ) If you want to create your own animation format and become used by our multi language Langbassador Program in many future vids, then by all means take contact with us. But Elby is our SN Mascot ( Safety in Numbers ), and we would love to give him a (series of) design(s) he can be proud of. Those willing to put in an extra effort can make a series of 10-20 renders of a 'narrating Elby', so we can integrate him in our white board animation software : for that we need between 10-20 renders so we can create a loop we can use in all sorts of educational/news broadcasts So anyone mailing willing to help poor Elby, gets a pdf explaining how Elby needs to be designed & our logo which is the basis for the Elby design which is the only thing that cant be edited :-) Naturally, when vids generate some revenue in the future and Elby is used, a little bit of that revenue will be attributed to the designer used. But it will keep on growing in revenue as adoption of Cardano grows too Hope to hear from you guys soon. You can reach me here in DM or chat too Rik Safety in Numbers **0 Comments**
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