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Why supporting all programming languages is a bad idea

TL;DR: because of developer ecosystem fragmentation. Let's talk about platforms. There are many platforms that have existed for many years: the desktop, the server, the web, embedded, mobile, and now there's a new platform: the blockchain. All these platforms are different in that the applications written for each platform have completely different requirements. Desktop applications have to be usable with keyboard and mouse, mobile applications have to be usable with a pocked-sized touchscreen, etc. Now let's look at programming languages for these platforms. Each of these platforms has only a few programming languages that are used widely and interestingly the languages are different for each platform. iOS and macOS applications are mostly written in Swift nowadays, Android applications in Kotlin, Windows applications in C#, server applications in C#, Java, or Go, and web applications in JavaScript or TypeScript. Let's look at the web for example. JavaScript is the main language for the web since it was the only language natively supported by all web browsers for a long time. Therefore most libraries useful for writing web applications have been written in JavaScript. If you want to write a new web application today you will most likely pick JavaScript since you can make use of the huge (I'm talking [1.3 million packages and 12 million developers]( here) library ecosystem. If you're writing a new library for the web today you will also most likely write it in JavaScript since most web developers know JavaScript and you want your library to be useful to as many developers as possible. If a company wants to hire a developer to write a web application they will look for a JavaScript developer since this will give them the biggest choice of possible hires. If you want to get hired as a web developer you will learn JavaScript because this will give you the biggest chance to get hir...
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