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Why I choose Cardano over Ethereum

Hello everyone! Before I start, I'd like to state that I'm not fully aware whether this type of comparisons/contrasts are allowed on this subreddit, so in case they are not I apologize and willing to accept a potential thread deletion. I've been trying to create my cryptocurrency portfolio, and from the very beginning of my research I was fascinated about Cardano and its capabilities. It truly showed me how it could be the project of the future, slowly but surely. On the other hand I had to look on Ethereum of course, and make a comparison, without this meaning that one may overthrow the other - they can very well be co-existing on different sides of the cryptoworld. And this is the reason I've decided to come to this subreddit, and share my views on why I expect Cardano to flourish more than Ethereum. Starting off, I have to mention that Ethereum's first mover seems to be supporting it a lot more than it'd probably be safe to - fact also being reflected on its market cap. Had these projects be launched simultaneously, Cardano might had taken time to, but would most likely take Ethereum's market easily. It's true however that there's currently no other platform that may potentially support dApps as well as Ethereum - except of course for Cardano (or some much promising, but less proven alt-projects) which is heading that way. Ethereum has huge numbers of developers on it, and it's making its way on Ethereum 2.0 - however, it's facing difficulties into implementing it, and I can't help but wonder, should we take a full 2.0 implementation as granted? And if we do, how long will it take to happen? Either way, by launching 2.0, Ethereum will just earn what Cardano has already been having, for the most part. Moving on with the development team, I'd just rather give my own belief that, one consisting of academics, being backed by science (which shows into the technology's approach), is not to be taken lightly - to say the very least. I view Cardano as a project that'...
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