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Why Cardano? A Healthy Discussion about our future.

Ok. I'm sure this post will generate some controversial thoughts. I'm here as an unbiased investor in the crypto world trying to deep dive into some of the smart contract blockchains. First, I was really impressed about Charles Hoskinson videos, his philosophy, the community engagement and so on. This is all amazing and I would love to see Cardano prosper. Here is the problem: Cardano seems to be promises, ideals, reasoning thinking... But not tangible or real (at least no in this point in time). See, I don't want to be negative and post this as a "troll". I'd absolutely love to hear great arguments and change my mind about Cardano. Please note some of the cons below. I would love to hear the response. 1. Cardano is a 4-year old blockchain that does not have any known projects so far. My friend asked me to list 5 projects in Cardano, and I couldn't think of any. While several others 1-year below old have many projects(Polkadot, Casper..) . 2. It's amazing to see the Africa Project and others moving forward, that's a great initiative. But what is it? Really... I understand the intention of creating something good, with voting polls, descentralized Finance for the whole country etc. But the truth is that other DEFI projects can easily assist these countries in the near future - and they have a platform that works. . 3. Momentum is being lost. While Cardano has a great community and an amazing leader, other blockchains are already building and implementing solutions, something Cardano is taking a long time to get it done. . 4. The future will probably lie in a multi-chain world. It seems Cardano is focusing on getting perfection and it will lose strength, considering that specialized blockchains are building cutting edge tech that Cardano won't be able to effectively compete (like parachains in polkadot and z-snarks in Mina). Getting specific is not a bad thing. . 5. While it's easy to hard fork good projects today, I don't see a hard fork Acala being more succ...
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