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Where can I run a dapp that actually uses the Cardano testnet?

1. **Please provide a URL that actually runs a dapp that uses the Cardano testnet.** When I made this request in the past, the responses **described** how to use the testnet, or how to use the sandbox, but no one provided a URL that actually runs a dapp that uses the Cardano testnet. **I'm not looking for explanations.** I would just like to see a **list of dapps** that have been created on the testnet, and **URL's that run those dapps**. 2. The Cardano documentation infers that you must host a node to use their API. The instructions on that page appear to be a recipe for a headache. To install all those dependencies is a very risky proposition, and they do not indicate the bandwidth and CPU resources that they require. I remember when Augur attempted to have developers install their node; it took hours to synch and never worked correctly. 3. One person suggested that blockfrost would eliminate the need to run a node. The blockfrost website indicates that their service requires a fee, which they can change at any time. Why should I trust this company from Estonia, and send private keys through their network? 4. If a Cardano dapp allows the user to send tokens, how will the user confirm that the tokens will be withdrawn from their wallet? It will be dangerous if the user has to provide their private key to the dapp, and rather cumbersome if the user has to explicitly send the tokens from their wallet to an address that is provided by the dapp. An Ethereum dapp can easily allow the user to confirm a transaction, by calling a web3 javascript function which displays a Metamask confirmation popup. The same methodology works with the Stellar SDK. 5. Is there any sample javascript code that shows how to create, sign, and send a transaction, so I can programmatically send ADA from one account to another? Again, I am not looking for an explanation, or a link to a site that claims to have that capability, I would just to like to see the **actual javascript code** that does wh...
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What an Agenda! Cardano Summit 2021

Cardano Summit 2021 will be our biggest ever. A mix of virtual and live events from around the world on September 25-26 2021. The whole world is invited. And it’s free. Simply register below.
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