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Where can I direct friends to the best step-by-step instructions for first time deadalus wallet installation and delegation?

Over the past few months I have been successful in getting a few of my friends interested in crypto and cardano. Most of them just bought it on an exchange and havent moved it. But with staking now live they are looking to get it into a wallet and stake. Only problem is most of my friends are spread to the 4 winds so I cant sit down with them to help them out and I am the absolute last person you would want to try and help someone with something like this over the phone. I dont care if it's just a good youtube video, official cardano material, or a moms blog. But I would be really grateful if any of you had a good link to the best simple instructions you know of. At least a couple of my friends are older and just need simple factual instructions. Fancy lingo and such is not needed. Thank you all!
Go to self.cardano
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