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Whats the most profitable way to stake ada ?

Hi, All I currently earn about $1 a day staking ada. which is not bad. But compared to staking other coins on pancake. For the same amount of ada in ($) I have staked on pancake, I am earning close to $8 a day. Is there any other way to stake ada beside on daedalus, yoroi. In order to have a higher APY/APR.? Edit: I WANT HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD STYLE for my ADA. I want a NIGERIAN PRINCE check user comment below" type investment "Give me 200 ada and get double 400 ada. All jokes aside though everyone has different risk to reward ratio for investment. Dont need the lecture what's safe or not. If I wanted safe I will invest in some boring a\*\* dividend paying 1$ a month. All I am saying I had tron for 4 years and still the same amount, 4 years later. I am going to stake $1500 of cake to earn $1500 tron on pancake after 1 year. Plus the possibility of cake and Tron rising in price. I want the same return for my ADA.
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