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What makes Cardano superior to Solana?

If you haven't heard, Solana is a currency that uses a so called "proof of history". It appears to solve the blockchain trilemma, supposedly allowing 50000 yps while maintaining decentralization (somewhere from like 80 to 250 nodes at least) and security (something which I am not skilled enough to research). Proof of history is described on Solana's main website if you need to get an understanding of it. Let's get down to brass tacks. I'm wondering what you guys think about how this network matches up with cardano. As far as I can tell, the main thing recommending Cardano as opposed to Solana is the extensive academic reviews and proven models, as well as a newly met Shelly release deadline, along with the new, very fast paced release timeline. Where as Solana is yet to come out of beta, and has only released a miniscule amount of their supply to the public. Curious to hear your thoughts as to the validity of this project I just found and what it means to Cardano.
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