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what is up with daedalus wallet?

I will be the first to admit that I don't know much about it, but why does it take a day (if ever) for the daedalus wallet to sync so I can see my balance while it takes Yoroi about 5 seconds? This nitpick notwithstanding, congrats to all on our imminent ATH!
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Why did they even bother?

10 26 17 #charlesclips #cardano #IOHKFull Video | Cardano Came From 00:001st Generation: Bitcoin 00:142nd Ge...
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What an Agenda! Cardano Summit 2021

Cardano Summit 2021 will be our biggest ever. A mix of virtual and live events from around the world on September 25-26 2021. The whole world is invited. And it’s free. Simply register below.
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We're Almost There

We're almost there! The Cardano (ADA) 2021 Summit starts tomorrow. This is the Goguen Summit which means it's the smart contract summit. It feels like we're...