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What is Liqwid?

[\_1KdfV4&t=6s]( After watching this video presented by Team Liqwid, I am so excited about this project! It has been years since I have posted on a crypto forum. Liqwid is a project I have been hoping would get launched on Cardano. A little about me. At one time many years ago I was a big fan of XRP, and actually held over 6 million. Bought them up at the very start of XRP for less than half a cent. I then did not like what Ripple Labs was doing selling large purchases to private company/individuals out of their holdings at discount. So I sold out to early to make the big money! Took my profits and I purchased over 40 ASIC miners and mined for almost a year. Had to have an electrician drop a new electrical panel and run just a few 240 volt outlets. LOL Had a $2,600 dollar electric bill each month. The electric company kept calling me for the first few months wanting to come out and check my meter. I was throwing so much heat out a window I was waiting on the DEA to storm my house. Then crypto winter hit--bang everything started to drop like a rock. I shut off my miners and turned away from crypt like a lot of us But I remember in early December 2017, I saw Cardano--I spent most of the night reading about the project. Before I went to bed that night, I had sold a good part of my coinage and made my first purchase of ADA at .11 cents. During crypto winter, I never sold my coinage, none of my investments. Well until November 2020, when I sold every other coin I had and went all in on Cardano. I listen to people try to guess what one ADA will be worth. All I can say is this is not price predicting. I am just stating facts: 1. XRP has 100 Billion and ADA has 45 Billion and XRP's all time high was $3.84 2. The true value of a crypto currency is utility and staking adds utility 3. Liqwid will add utility and therefore value to Cardano 4. Celsius Network will add...
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