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What is happening ‘under the hood’ in a stake pool?

I am very new to crypto and blockchain technology is generally so I’m sure this has a simple answer, but I’m unable to post in ELI5 so I posted this here. So in a stake pool whoever runs it is upholding the cardano network and in return gets rewarded with ADA inflation coins, the reward gets distributed to whoever pledged to the pool. Is this correct? While this is happening though, what happens to the network? Surely new transactions and data are being added all the time but the stake pool is only crafting a new block based on what happened up to that time? Also what if that stake pool decides to score with the system? In PoW all the miners can sort of check on each other in a democratic way but in PoS how is that security upheld if only 1 pool gets selected at random? I got a millions other questions and I hope this is an appropriate place to post this. If not please direct me to where I should send future questions. Thanks!
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