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What happens when no one delegates stake or runs stake pools? Does the system no longer work? (For German Tax Purpose)

..and why do I even ask this? Reason: The German Tax Law. Ultimately it has not finally decided yet on how to tax cryptos but the current approach goes kind of like this: **-Sell within a year** of holding: Pay personal income tax up to 40 % **-Sell after a year** of holding: tax free This was the easy part, now a little bit more sophisticated and the reason for my question: If you earned interest on your crypto you need to hold it at least for 10 years for being tax free. And how can you earn "interest"? 1. With mining: If you MINE coins, like bitcoin than it's again tax free since you are basically needed to keep the system alive, since no miner no bitcoin 2. With staking: Here it says that it's interest and so you should pay taxes on your full earnings and all of your staked assets need to be held for at least 10 years to be tax free. So if I could argue that without staking there is no cardano, like there is no bitcoin without mining, then I could argue that my cardano sells would be tax free. Hope that made sense and I hope you can help me out. Keep in mind that it's not the final approach of the tax agency, but I would like to be prepared. Oh and btw: I am still a strong beliver and haven't sold yet (considering to buy more actually) AND if you want to research the current German Tax Agency approach yourself, it's here: []( (unfortunately it's in German - understandable) Thanks in advance! Edit1: Thanks for your input guys, will look into each comment as soon as I can (probably after work). But as soon as things stand now: u/AronNeewart presented a very good approach that would seems logical to me: >In Cardano's PoS the pool operator is the equivalent to the miner in PoW: is the one that generates/validates blocks into the blockchain. > >Th...
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