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馃毃WARNING馃毃 - outburst of scam pools by same scammer who created MELD4

UPDATE: since scammer noticed he was detected, most of the relays started reshuffling the DNS records chaging the relay IPs, see bottom of this post, some of the evidence in this post is no longer visible. This issue is also being tracked here: Starting with this epoch huge amount of undetected fake pools was created - all pools share same relay IPs as MELD4, hosted by cloud service Contabo in Dusseldorf. Most of these relays have weird unrelated domains like "" or "" always privately registered to someone in Hanoi / Vietnam. Here is list of all pools I found so far, could be more of them - all of them are fake pools, do not stake with them and if you are a pool operator, do not peer with them, IPs are: * * * List of fake pools: * HOSKY * MELD * NAMI * ISPO2 * ITC3 * WMT * MELD4 * EVE6 * PIGY * TERA1 * TERA3 * MRQR2 * ERGOX http...
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Cardano: Night and Day

In the Cardano ecosystem, we're not building something slightly different than Ethereum or Bitcoin. We're building something that is night & day different. ...
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Meet the Team of anetaBTC

In this article, we will discuss our weekly technical update and introduce you to our research and engineering team. For a summary of recent happenings at anetaBTC, please see the below鈥