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Top Ecosystem Projects Per Category ( - Brief Rundown Of Cardano Projects & A Speculative Discussions!!

Hi All, Just a post to stir up some ungodly speculation and fun for the community, no one is really looking at us right now, and there are opportunities RIPE for the taking, we have sundae swap ISPO happening now, and lots of other interesting projects such as Ergo Dex on the horizon. I'm by no means a professional in this space, I'm here to speculate and find some cool projects I can get behind, and thought it might be nice to create a Reddit post as a resource for the community to talk about your favorite ecosystem plays per category? I'm going to go through and attempt to pick 1 project per category and then spend the next few days learning why my picks were good or bad and hopefully update this based on your views? Not only will this help me learn but I'm hoping everyone else will too and we can bounce some information around regarding things we have missed or overlooked in projects we like the look of?. There is a lot I don't know, we have a lot of projects coming in so apologies if you're here early and see a lot of "???" next to projects, I plan to update this as you guys educate me and share your thoughts. As A brief overview I am literally going to every website getting a feel for the project and seeing how much I can understand as a new user, so If I put "??" it's because I didn't find it interesting or didn't understand its use. If you find there is any bias in reading this I apologize, I do not own any of these coins, feel free to call me out and update me in the comments with any errors or false assumptions. DYOR Starts here - **To Help Improve this -** Please tag your comments with quality info on any projects you follow or are a fan of and why - I'm not here to shill just to try and create a nice resource) :   ------------------------------------ (If InfoOnProj = True) { @PROJECT NAME HERE - Comment Details Here }else (){ readOnly(); } --- This is a Joke just comment however you like if you hav...
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Oracles and Data Security - Part I

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Our first ERC-20 converter is now live on testnet!

OUT NOW: Our first ERC-20 converter is now live on testnet! @SingularityNet #AGIX tokens will be the first to take advantage of #Cardano's lower fees, higher transaction capacity, and enhanced securit...
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Cardano's Massive Concurrency

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