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To all of the Cardano(ADA) pumpers....and dumpers!

Look, Cardano is not your next big win, it's not a speculative play, it's not "to the moon" nonsense...go to doge for that. You need to truly do a little bit of simple internet research to find out what the Cardano ecosystem is all about. And it's just that, an entire ecosystem of progress and growth; Innovative and a game changer in the world of blockchain security and dapps. Buy ADA and hold. HOLD! Those of you trying to pump then dump are hypocrites... this is exactly what the hedges do, you're just playing into their game. Cardano will change things, Cardano will surpass Ethereum, Cardano is the technology that no one else has. Cardano is the global solution to financial access for developing countries. Cardano has the depth and technology that no one else has. They're not "rushing to market" just to make a buck or two. They're developing a system that will be a solution and an access point for millions, if not billions, of people. Please stop speculating here and move on if you're wanting a "get rich quick" scheme. There's a thousand other cryptos that are readily available for you to pump up, sell, make a buck. Cardano is here to stay and will be THE game changer for the entire blockchain technology. Buy, hold. Enough said.....?
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