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Thoughts on continuing the ITN

So there's been a lot of back and forth in recent days about whether or not the Cardano community should continue the ITN. Here's what I'm thinking. The major pros and cons that I have seen brought up on this sub are thus: ​ Pros: Freer experimentation of ideas for potential use on the Cardano mainnet. Faster prototyping/implementation of features for the Cardano mainnet. Additional rewards/value for those who participated in the ITN. ​ Cons: Confusion for newcomers to the ecosystem who may end up buying tADA on exchanges instead of the main net ADA, thus undermining the value of mainnet ADA. Bitterness and division on the part of those who did not get in on the testnet. ​ Now, as an ITN delegator, I am pretty firmly of the opinion that it can't hurt to at least keep the ITN running for another month to at least see what IOG wants to do with it before we make any decisions to kill it immediately. There's no sense in cutting off an avenue which could give Cardano a competitive edge before we even know what the value of the continued ITN could be to mainnet. If this allows Cardano to speed up deployment of new features, or prevent bad features from being implemented in mainnet, it could be an extremely valuable guinea pig which would benefit the Cardano ecosystem as a whole. To address the concerns of those who think this would dilute the value of ADA, just take a look at Litecoin vs. Bitcoin. In much the same relationship as Charles has proposed for the ITN, Litecoin is useful for Bitcoin because it acts as a proving ground for new features to be implemented into Bitcoin faster. Yet Litecoin has just a small fraction of Bitcoin's worth: $3B to $172B. It allows for people who want to live on the bleeding edge of Bitcoin development to do so, whilst providing valuable feedback for Bitcoin without detracting value from it in any meaningful way. Bitcoin is a more robust platform because of the value Litecoin adds to its ecosystem. The Ca...
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