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This summer is going to be crazy.

With the Alonzo testnet going live sometime in late April/early May, we'll likely see regular announcements of various dapps being developed on the cardano platform in the lead-up to Alonzo going live in August. Each new project being built on top of the testnet will generate its own wave of publicity and word of adoption will continue to spread. When the Alonzo HF is finally launched sometime in August, it will do so with multiple (?dozens) of dapps operational right out the gate. The deployment of smart contracts in the latter part of this summer won't be a one-time event like the Mary hard-fork, but will be peppered with announcements of various projects porting over to Cardano from Ethereum as well as brand new applications built natively on Cardano. TLDR: This summer is going to be bonkers in terms of development for the Cardano ecosystem.
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