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The Secret Meaning Behind the Cardano Name and Logo

Hedgehog correspondent Ryan S. Gladwin returns to unveil the fruits of his esoteric research.

Have you ever wondered where Cardano got its famous dotted logo? Or why the creators chose the name Cardano? At first glance it can appear random; once you dive deep enough on Reddit it may appear satanic. But not to worry, we're here to clear up all the confusion!

First things first, no, it has nothing to do with Satan or the mark of the beast. Rumors began flying with a Reddit post back in 2018, which claimed the Cardano logo is sending a cryptic message hailing the devil. After a Reddit user suggested the logo possessing three layers of six dots, was the mark of the beast — calling it a "legit concern."

One commenter snarkily replied: "Life is carbon based. The ground state of typical carbon is 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. You shouldn't be too worried about the mark of the beast in some logo. It's literally programmed into your physical body."

Anyways, this is false. Fake news! The true origins of this logo is rooted in the name of the cryptocurrency.

The Name Cardano

So, why is the cryptocurrency called Cardano? Then the logo will start to make sense.

Gerolamo Cardano was an Italian physicist, biologist, physician, chemist, astrologist, philosopher, writer, serial gambler and, maybe most importantly, mathematician — jeez, his resume must have been five pages long!

He is most well known for his advancements in algebra, partially inventing the combination lock and even being the first to systematically use negative numbers in Europe. His achievements in math and science make him a worthy figurehead for a cryptocurrency that uses complex theories and models to operate.

Cardano was the first person to dissect the idea of probability and chance in his book: Liber de Ludo Aleae (translation: Book on Games of Chance). He'd sit throwing dice over and over in an attempt to understand probability...

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