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The PoolTool app is collecting data from my clipboard

Edit: [Response from developer]( Android 12 added a feature that alerts users when an app is pasting data from your clipboard. In the PoolTool app, when I navigate to the Pools page, I get an alert that PoolTool is pasting from my clipboard. I don't see the text being pasted anywhere so my concern is that it is being pasted in the background with the data possibly being sent to the developer. This is a known data collection method on Android and iOS devices. Anyone else experiencing this? [Here is a screenshot of the alert.](
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The Moonboys Are Coming - CNFT News

There is a new breed of Cardano enthusiast entering our community. It is bittersweet because they don't seem to be here for the same reasons the rest of us are. Please be cautious and please be safe.
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