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The New Alternative To Buying Cardano

The New Alternative To Buying Cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency is confusing. Especially as a newcomer. There are a ton of different cryptocurrency exchanges, scams, and methods to “earning crypto”. Almost all of the exchanges require Bitcoin to trade with, but only some support buying bitcoin directly for fiat. This can be a mouthful and turn a lot of people away. Making it that much more difficult to turn new people on to crypto. If you are like many users you are looking for an alternative way to obtain cryptocurrency. is the home to an alternative method to traditionally buying cryptocurrency.

Obtaining cryptocurrency without spending money

We created a service that turns your existing items into cryptocurrency by selling them to us or on our marketplace dapp that will be released in a few months.  We think that alternatives to traditionally buying cryptocurrency will make some of the largest impacts on adoption. People are scared to put their money into something that is so speculative.

Alternatives to buying cryptocurrency will help all of crypto

People work very hard for their fiat. Risking this currency certainty with a new speculative currency is a steep hurdle for most people to overcome.

Junktion is one of the few legitimate alternatives to earning cryptocurrency.

Junktion is a quantifiable way to earn cryptocurrency instead of buying it. Junktion is a black and white transaction. We buy your things for digital assets. Once the item is shipped to us we examine it and ultimately list it on our marketplace dapp that is currently being developed.     You introduce items into our ecosystem by selling them to us for the cryptocurrency of your choice, and we sell them back on our site. This create a circular economy where people can trade in old items for new ones.    You will earn Scraps token whenever you transact on our site. Meaning purchasing or selling an item. Learn more...

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