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The Million ADA Homepage: Check us out

Hey Reddit, Happy Voting Day. We are a digital art installation and charity fund raisers whose goal is to spread the word of Cardano, through an engaging community event, while raising money for charity. We want to make a 1 million pixel canvas where each pixel is a digital asset, whose owner can change the color of at any time. Each pixel will be sold for 1 ADA and 500,000 ADA will be going to the charity of your choice. Check out our [proposal]( or [Idea Fest presentation]( We would love your support. ​
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Cardano Project Transparency

Cardano (ADA) is a an ecosystem on the edge of exploding with project activity. As we embark on this journey, we need to acknowledge that it is one rife with...
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Cardano Preparing for Web, Mobile Integration

Key Takeaways Charles Hoskinson recently revealed that Cardano’s smart contracts are now compatible with web browsers on testnet. The team ran the Plutus application backend in Javascript, the most po...