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The emotional side effects of operating a Cardano Stake Pool -- I need therapy!

What a wild ride.... We are all breaking new ground with Cardano. I just wanted to share something you may or may not ever think about--the emotional ups and downs of running a small pool--at least for me. Currently there are 1144 pools according to []( When you break that down there are about 100 or so pools that "have it in the bag" with 50M+ million ADA delegated. Then there is the middle ground the next 100 pools with 50-8M ADA delegated--they are fine. Then there is everyone else: 944 pools with 8M or less. And then there is us -- those "on the fence" at 3-5M with the cheers and jeers of each delegate hoping that somehow the scale tips and we don't have to worry about getting that one "magical block". Every morning I wake up hoping that "something good happened" when I was sleeping -- either a block or more delegates. And God forbid a delegate leaves; I don't know why but it kills me, I take it personally. I know I shouldn't and just let it go, but I can't. **I am emotionally tied to this thing we call Cardano.** WILD RIDE: We started out in epoch 211 with about 2M delegates out of the gate and we minted a block at 15 hours into the fork. WOW--what a rush! We were jumping up and down. Amazing. WE CAN DO THIS! Then the delegates continued to roll in, we got up to 3.75M and were getting 1 block each epoch. Not bad. The trajectory looked good. Then it happened--disaster. We missed a block. In two days we lost 75% of our delegation and went down to 640K. IT WAS HEART BREAKING. I wanted to give up. Then this epoch with 640K ADA delegated we minted a block with 333% luck. Are you kidding me? Now in 2 days we are up to 4.14M for a new delegation high. I can't take this. I will seek therapy--LOL. So the message here to Pool Ops: **DON'T GIVE UP.** The message here to Delegates: You probably have no idea how much your delegation means to a small pool. **IT MEANS EVERYTHING**. Would love comments from othe...
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