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„The day” is coming

Hi. So we are so close to turn in to Shelley era. I’ve got three question about my ADA and places where I got it. I got some on Yoroi + ledger nano s(last time update around 3-4 months), deadlus wallet(not one for the main net) and some on binance What do I have to do with: 1. Yoroi + ledger nano s 2. Deadlus 3. Binance I would like to participate in Staking and I wouldn’t like to miss anything. Thanks for help!
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Lets get our own $ADA emoji!

Shouldn't we also have an emoji for #ADA like #BNB or #Bitcoin or even #TRON ?! Who would we have to contact for that @Twitter ?Please RT! #Cardano #Cardano2020 #cardanofoundation #cardanoambassadors—...