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The Analogy of Cardano

Short analogy: I imagined Cardano as a dot, growing into a square pool, further into a block. It will expand larger by creating a side chain around it and each chain then grows more roots. ​ Long analogy: Cardano was first incarnated in the Byron era. It is represented by the currency logo in a square wallet. This era will be colored in light blue in this art. The Shelley era, when Staking is available, is represented by a bigger square made up of four other logos & wallets, which makes up a pool. The color of choice in this art is dark blue. The center of it all, the Goguen Era, in which smart contracts are available, is being represented by a complete block. The blockchain is being represented in purple. The Basho era is showing how sidechains will work, which in the art is positioned to be beside the block. This era is represented in green. Ultimate decentralization is achieved in the Voltaire era when each chain works independently of the original blockchain while still honoring the central blockchain. This era is represented in the color gold. ​ Source: [The Era of Cardano (The Art of Cardano)]( [https:\/\/\/marketplace\/YBEnqK](
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