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Tezos comparison

Hi, at the moment, I am 100% invested in Cardano (used to own BTC but had to sell it to cover some apartment costs). I am thinking about diversifying a bit of my portfolio (I am quite happy with my ADA bag) and I am cosidering Tezos. Before you suggest the top 2 coins, I am not a huge fan of Ethereum since I found their approach half-baked and ETH 2.0 seems a bit bland compared to what Cardano will have by the end of this year so I do not want to have any part in it. As for BTC, I am happy with the popularity but don't think it will hit the astronomical prices some people are predicting. Plus I am not a fan of PoW since I find it unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly. So I am considering some PoS coins and Tezos seemed like a nice option. I don't want to ask this question on their subreddit since there are already som threads but the Tezos comminity is quite keen on bashing Cardano (unfinished product, we already have all the features Cardano is dreaming of etc.). So I am interested in some link to a honest comparison. I am sure there are many things Tezos has that Cardano does not (and Cardano is doing a lot of things better than them) and both have working PoS solution. What do you think about their smart contracts and governance?
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