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Testnet Delegation Expectation vs Reality

## Setup I watched the [Daedalus Shelley testnet 1.3.0-STN2 - Walkthrough video]( from IOHK and followed along to see first hand how delegating matched up with the [new staking calculator ]( Downloaded the testnet wallet, turned on the faucet for 100k test ADA to delegate, and delegated 100% to a somewhat random pool that wasn't the highest ranked but close to the top. Admittedly, this was a very cowboy approach on my part and I haven't been keeping a log of the stake pool's parameters along the way to see how changes might affect delegation. ## Expectations Based on tutorials of using the new staking calculator and my best efforts to line up the parameters in a stake pool to the calculator fields (there should be a better mapping of which things line up with what), I had calculated that I'd get about 69 ADA per epoch, roughly 4600 ADA per year, that comes out to about 4.6%, so that seemed modest, and within the ballpark of expectations (calculations below). ## Reality The epochs run about 6hrs on the testnet (vs the 5 days they'll run on mainnet), I delegated my ADA to the pool, and now I must wait for the current epoch (18) and next epoch (19) to end before my ADA gets delegated to the pool for epoch 20. It's now currently on epoch 21 and I got my first rewards... 3,551.91... That doesn't seem right. How did I get almost a year's worth of ADA in a single epoch? ## Breakdown ### Stake Pool Info Current Pool I'm delegated to: AHLNET_1 [1AHL] 35e6ad073bd2149a130431fc2a89da438e238c055ff369f78f5ef303 Rank: 59 Relative stake: 0.52% Pool margin: 10% Pledge: 100k ADA Cost per epoch: 128 ADA Produced blocks: 77 From the stake pool's page for Pool Fees: Cost: 1k ADA/epoch Margin: 1.8% ### Translating Pool Info to Calculator ADA Calculator: ADA amount: 100,000 (how much I delegated) Stake pool daily fixed fee: 200 (1000...
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