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SundaeSwap progress, release date and questions

So I started to research some opportunities to invest in DEX and DeFi on cardano before they go live. I stumbled upon multiple posts here that mention SundaeSwap as one of the potential winners. Then I tried to make my research and the result puzzled me quite a bit. First of all on the [official site]( team consists of 1 lead engineer, 1 smart contract engineer and 3 frontend engineers. I'm a software engineer myself and it seems that it's really not enough to develop such a big project that implies a lot of backend work. I guess this page could be outdated though. So I started to look at their [github repositories]( and I could not find any smart contract that should be deployed to cardano network. Also I don't see a lot of activity in the repositories and most of them are just forks (copies) of the other open source code. From what I've seen it doesn't seem to me that the release date is close. So here is the questions part. Does anyone have any additional info about the progress? Maybe I overlooked some information or found a wrong repository. What do you think?
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