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Strategies to protect wallet keys

Simple enough, right? Full-proofing it though? if you encrypt the exact words in their exact order, it seems like time would be against your wallets safety. So I was thinking you need two things, the number of the word, and the word itself to be possible for you and you alone (ignoring the finite nature of ours lives) because you cannot really trust even close family or friends to have this ability. So first of all, you could make a double cypher one to change the numbers, another to change their order for good measure.. (Note: I am not a specialist in this area, Ive just given it some thought.) Then encrypt the words themselves and double check it can all be undone with the proper settings... Am I overthinking this? I was also thinking to make 2-3 copies on hard drives and stash them in different banks aside from your personal computer and maybe leave out a few parts of it to be stored physically, as well as maybe keeping part of it only in your memory and keep a reminder possibly tattooed on you or something.. lol Can we discuss this or point me to a more reasonable strategy? Thanks 馃檹
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