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Staking on Yoroi - Questions

Hi all, Hopefully you can help me, apologies but I have quite a few questions, albeit I'm sure they are easily answered. I'm currently staking on Yoroi using the iPhone app, my coins are on my Ledger. I'm staking on STR8 Straight Pool as I chose it from near the top of the list in Yoroi when they were filtered by "score". What I don't understand is this............ ​ 1. When you sort by score, I don't actually see a score. Why is this? 2. I also don't see a saturation, which I have read is very important if you want to get your hoped staking rewards. Why do they not show the saturation, or am I missing it? 3. What happens if the saturation exceeds maximum during an epoch? Should I leave or stay where I am? 4. I don't understand the "scoring" mechanism as the top few ROA's seem to differ wildly (i.e. looking right now, the top 5 range between 4.66% to 5.55%. That's quite a difference. 5. I don't see STR8 in the list now when filtering by "score", is that because I'm staking in it or because it is now not a well "scoring" pool? 6. When I first started staking, I had to wait for a few epochs before I got rewards. Is this once per wallet, or each time I change? I'm assuming it's just the first time a wallet stakes but wanted to confirm. 7. Finally, apologies, how often (i.e. how many epochs) are you guys finding that you need to swap pools? Pretty much every staking session or every few? Once again, apologies for the amount of questions, I'm a bit of an ADA noob that's been on a buying spree over the last few months. Many thanks in advance.
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