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Staking my ADA on AdaLite. Do I have to press the delegate button every time?

Hey guys, I have started delegating my ADA on AdaLite yesterday. Today I connected my h/w wallet back to AdaLite to make sure everything was good and the "delegate" button was clickable (i.e. not greyed out or anything), and when I clicked it, a dialog box asked me if I wanted to delegate my ADA to the AdaLite stake pool. ​ I thought I already did this, but uncertain about it, I ended up re-delegating my stake, losing a small amount of ADA due to the pool fee. Then, after the transaction was confirmed (and the delegate button was greyed out), I just decided to leave the site and come back to it. To my surprise, the delegate button was AGAIN clickable, and there is no clear indication as to whether I am actually delegating my ADA to the stake pool at all (after all, if I was delegating to the stake pool already why wouldn't the delegate button be greyed out?). ​ I just wanna confirm with those of you who use AdaLite too. Is this normal? Am I delegating my ADA or not? If so, how come I am allowed to re-delegate to the same staking pool and be charged again?
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