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Soo what did cardano foundation say to Binance to lower there fees so quickly?

I’m kind of surprised this was glossed over a bit. One minute Binance rose the transaction fee to 3 and then immediately to 5 Ada per. Then I saw a post that Tim Harrison marketing and development man for iohk posted we are looking into it and will take care of it. I was think well shit I guess I have to move to a new exchange but then. Like 1hour later the fees went back to normal. I’m thinking what type of leverage does iohk have over Binance to make them undo a price increase that was wholly intentional.
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The Charles Pool is now up and running. Thanks to @adam3us for the name. I'm king of the RATS feel free to delegate everyone— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) February 26, 2021...