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So what’s after Alonzo hard fork? Answer. Babbage.

Many of you are aware of the upcoming hard fork to Alonzo that will bring smart contracts to mainnet, but you likely haven’t heard about what hard fork they are already working on next. Code name Babbage will bring some great new updates as well. With Babbage they intend to change the formulas to increase the **effect of pledge** and **discourage pool splitting.** Read my most recent post before this for more details on what pool splitting is. Around the same time, but independent of any hard fork, they will likely address how ranking is displayed in Daedalus and may at that time change the k parament to 1000. Daedalus ranking today is awful and only if you’re in the top 500 do you look at all favorable. K Parmenter defines how many pools are “optimal” for the network. Today its 500. The idea is if its 1000 it “could” help small pools and promote decentralization. But without the Babbage changes to pledge, it alone won’t have the desired effect, as those big pools would just split (as they are doing today). What this all means is that very soon after smart contracts small pools will have a better chance of growing and becoming relevant. So if you’re a small pool operator or have delegated to a small pool, hang in there! Cardano Foundation and IOHK understand it’s a struggle and are working hard to help. Follow Mirai on Reddit for the latest Cardano updates!
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