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Shelley Hard Fork Summary

Hi all, we wrote up a summary of the detailed Shelley hard fork announcement that was released today, and thought some here might find it useful: **SHELLEY LAUNCH UPDATE** Here is a brief timeline of upcoming events: \* **Epoch 0 (July 29 - August 3):** This is the mainnet launch of Shelley. In order to receive the first round of staking rewards, you must delegate your stake by the end of the epoch (8/3). \* **Epoch 1 (August 3 - 8):** ITN rewards will become available. Note: This means your ITN rewards cannot be staked for the first epoch. You will need to delegate these rewards by 8/8 to be eligible for staking on Epoch 3. \* **Epoch 2 (August 8 - 13):** Delegation is active and pools begin producing rewards. This is based on stake delegated during Epoch 0. \* **Epoch 3 (August 13 - 18):** Rewards from Epoch 2 are calculated. ITN rewards are eligible for staking rewards (as long as they were delegated during Epoch 1). \* **Epoch 4 (August 18 - 23):** Epoch 2 rewards will be paid out - you should see your Shelley wallet balance increase. **IMPORTANT NOTES** \* **Yoroi will not be available for staking during Epoch 0**. It has not yet been announced when you will be able to stake from Yoroi. However, you can restore a Yoroi wallet in Daedalus during Epoch 0 and be eligible to delegate your stake. (Follow our Daedalus Staking Tutorial if you need help doing this) \* **Epochs are increasing in length.** On the ITN, there was a new epoch every 24 hours. On mainnet, this is increasing to 120 hours (5 days). Rewards will be paid out once per epoch (starting on Epoch 3). \* **You can begin staking tomorrow (7/29), but you have until 8/3 to do your delegation for Epoch 2**, so don't feel like you need to rush to delegation right away. You will not earn any more rewards by getting your delegation in earlier in the epoch. \* Pools cannot begin setting up on mainnet until the hard fork on 7/29 at 21:44:51 UTC. You will not be able to delegate your stake until pool...
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