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Seed Phrase in Deadalus

Due to circumstances out of my control I lost everywhere where my seed phrase was written down specifically for Cardano.I still have access to Deadalus and Yoroi and know my spending password. Many other wallets allow you to view your seed phrase post creation of the wallet but I cannot seem to find it in Deadalus or Yoroi. Is there any way for me to recover the original seed phrase? Or is my only option to create a new wallet and transfer the funds? EDIT : Looks like there is actually no way to recover it, so i just made a new wallet, paid the TX fees, redelegated and wrote down my seed phrase again. While I am disappointed that its deemed not secure to show the phrase again, but its safe enough to show them on screen while creating a new wallet on the exact same computer and deadalus instance, I am taking this as a lesson that no matter how secure I think my backup is it can always be better.
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