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Security of non-slashing proof-of-stake

It seems that many of those who are knowledgeable about other proof-of-stake systems are skeptical of Cardano's security, because they see some form of slashing (burning the stake of malicious validators) as necessary. I think it would be good for the community to come up with an easily-digestible answer to the question of why slashing is unnecessary. As far as my limited understanding goes, it comes down to two things: 1. Stake pool operators aren't just considering the rewards from producing the next block, but the next 10-100 blocks, so any attempt to bribe them has to offset the cumulative rewards. 2. Stake pool operators are incentivized to stake their own ada, and stakers are incentivized to choose pools where the operators have staked their own ada because they know that the operators are then incentivized towards good behavior. Please let me know my answer makes sense, and any ways I could polish it or make it easier to understand. Or, even better, if someone has come up with a better answer and I can just point skeptics in that direction.
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