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Securities Purposed Blockchain with Polymath

Why I’m Building a Securities Purposed Blockchain with Polymath

By Charles Hoskinson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Input Output HK

Trevor Koverko and I first met way back in the annals of crypto history, before Ethereum was launched, at Decentral in Toronto. At that time the blockchain community was small and tightly-knit, bound together by a shared vision of a new type of technology and theory which would democratize finance in much the same way that the internet has democratized communication.

Over the next couple of years the space saw an explosion in interest with new projects and teams forming to explore novel use-cases and iterations of blockchain technology. Trevor and Chris Housser, the founders of Polymath and passionate advocates for security tokens, began exploring a powerful thesis that within the next few years the financial world would see huge disruption triggered by the tokenization of financial assets onto public blockchains.

While institutional and retail financial investment has managed incremental improvement over the last decade there has been little in the way of disruptive innovation. In contrast to this, Polymath’s vision was of a stampede towards a world where all financial assets can be represented through security tokens managed on public blockchains. This has the potential to deliver globally accessible, transparent, and liquid financial markets trading programmatically defined assets rooted in real world value.

Today’s blockchain landscape is largely dominated by general purpose blockchains such as Cardano and Ethereum. These provide platforms that enable permission-less innovation, commoditized trust, censorship resistance and communities that tend to be orientated towards the ethos of decentralization. This focus on being general purpose and “unstoppable” makes them perfectly suited for organizations to innovate and explore new ideas across a wide range of domains.

How a particular blockc...

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