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Scammers & criminal gangs should not have an easy way to commit crimes by preying on the very very vulnerable.

Let’s report every single scammer we find on the useless YouTube. Scammers are creating fake websites without any fear for the justice system. They’re hiding behind social media, fake profiles & fake VPNs. Yes. It might be possible to bring those scamming criminals to justice, but the law enforcements do not have enough resources to deal with them. On Twitter, I had to tag the National Crime Agency so they can investigate the root of scammers. Or even at least, make YouTube/ Google accountable for offering their platform to those heartless scammers. Let’s just educate everyone around us, you will not get any free cryptocurrency when you’re interacting with fake online scammers. There’s nothing is free in this would. If those scammers who operate online did not have enough vulnerable victims, they would stop scamming. I’m extremely angry at YouTube/ Google for not stamping out those criminal gangsters who’re actively scamming the vulnerable people. Scammers are located from many countries like India, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe…etc but, their countries of origin have done absolutely nothing to eradicate them or investigate the (root) of their crimes. One day, they will regret their decision to scam people online. It’s sick & they should pay a heavy price.
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