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Scam warning - Fake Daedalus App

It's that time if the week again! The fake Daedelus app is back on the Google Play store ( This is the fourth time that we have reported it. It gets removed by Google and then a few days later it appears again. I will keep on trying to fight this but I need your help to get Google's attention. Please help to report this app so that people won't get scammed. [How to report an app on Google Play]( I've also reported it at the [Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau](
Go to self.cardano
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Cardano Essentials List: The Dexes

Please consider delegating to the ADA 180 Stake Pool [A180] to support this channel and our mission to improve pediatric cancer research to find less toxic t...
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Go developers can now build on Cardano

Blockfrost Go SDK has been released! It will allow Golang developers to easily build applications on the Cardano blockchain! Happy building. 馃殌 #ProjectCatalyst #Go #Golang #Car...
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Cardano & a Crypto Fantasy

The Cardano Africa Tour is currently seeing great success that amounts to the fruition of what used to be a fantasy in the early days of crypto.-------------...
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What is Charles signing here?

Yes we signed a great MOU today鈥 Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) October 26, 2021