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Return on Intention (ROI) - Every Project Catalyst proposal must include projected statements of cash flows and ROI analysis. But none do. Why?

We believe in trust more than we believe in the truth. 

We trust in the ways things used to be, so we keep on trampling over blooming flowers while chasing dying leaves to get us there. Innovations to provide for everyone, arrives exponentially everyday, yet they are less and less accessible to a frustrated population of embarrassed future millionaires betting their lunch money on the next lottery ticket out! Maybe that’s why we seem to revert back to 19th century political promises, protecting their 12th century economic premises.

The truth, however, is more difficult to ignore.

Sure, we can choose to ignore the technical truths of distributed and regenerative abundant energy generation systems, DAOs or decentralized autonomous organizations, co-operative sharing networks, and disruptive breakthroughs in every aspect of our lives. Although, as long as we are in denial, the outcomes that we want, our real intentions like feeling loved, feeling secure and feeling satisfied, will hardly come from the old economic instruments we’ve agreed to get us there. Fiat money, for example is only as good as its ability deliver on its promise to convert our intentions into reality, and if our political and economic systems cannot make good on those promises, maybe we are asking the wrong questions.

When broken promises are the norm, and not the exception, we might want to ask new questions to reframe the next planetary prosperous reality we could be living in now!

First, observing the obvious:

Earth Day: People with homes make up signs to complain about how our elected leaders are destroying the world, while homeless people are told to move out of the way for the parade. Then there is lots of plastic trash we have to clean up.

Conscious Festivals: Everybody buys expensive tickets to gather in harsh environments to feel one with nature and the cosmos. We all talk about our enlightenment, then go back to work afterwards as some form of sla...

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REVEALED: Daedalus Voting Center sketch

This PR adds the 'Voting Center' page that allows users to generate a QR code and be able to vote proposals in Catalyst application. Design: