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Reminder: Second Haskell/Plutus study group meetup tomorrow, last chance to influence time(s) and topic(s)! Am excited :)

We have two tutors for Haskell now; head over to []( to add your preferred time (ignore the date and feel free to change your mind at any time, we'll have a look each weekend anew anyways). Current consensus: 10:00 and 15:00 utc+0, potential updates in the discord. ​ Then, head over to the discord: []( \-> channel "signup" to get important notifications (only use for this; participation does not require signing up) \-> "skill-tree" to put in your competencies and wishes \-> "homework"/"questions-answers"/"resources" - well... \-> "administrative" for everything else \-> voice channels for actual meetup (There are two in case both groups overlap in time) ​ Godspeed! ​ (If you want to support this and/or the both humble and optimal DEX we are building, you can delegate to the MRQR-pool to earn some of those juicy governance-tokens. Details in the lightpaper: [\_lightpaper.pdf]( Criticism very welcome!)
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