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Remember the man you all attacked when he asked questions about Goguen progress?

Back in the days I dared to ask the community what is actually happening to the Goguen delivery, here’s the link: I remember how I got brutally attacked and called a FUD-stet for asking that question by people all convinced that they will get a clear Goguen roadmap in the September update and shortly after that Goguen completely out just before EOY. It is funny to come back here after two months to see what the proposed release schedule is that will take place throughout the most part of 2021, I can bet on that. It gives me a deja vue feeling of the Shelley promised to be released before EOY 2019. Never mind whatever names I will be called after this post, I will remain part of the ecosystem anyway but it is time for the community to accept the fact that Cardano is and will remain one of the slowest large cap project around. The promised increased velocity has never came and it will never come. But that’s okay, probably, good things indeed take time. The only thing is, if Goguen will take another year to ship after Shelley, I can only ask myself: what was IOHK doing from 2015 to 2018 when they kept updating us with things like: Shelley 80% done, Goguen 40% in the making.
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