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Reach out to Stake Pool Operators

Hey everyone, JP (KAKE1 Pool Operator) here. I have a few questions directed mainly towards delegators but stake pool operators are welcome to pitch in as well with your thoughts. There are a lot of stake pools out there and roughly 12B tADA staked currently in the ITN. I am curious to know how many of you reach out to the pool operator you are staked with to keep up with the pool status or just questions in general? If you are reading this, are you one of them? I think the majority of the operators in regards to this topic would agree with me that we would like for those delegated to our pools to try and stay in contact with the pool operator you are staking with the best you can. Even if its through Twitter or the Pool Telegram channel (most likely these are displayed on their websites). I understand that rewards vary and block assignments fluctuate every epoch and sometimes it's time to switch pools every now and then but it seems a lot of people jump pools on the first epoch they have a bad reward return from a pool without being patient enough. Do you delegate to a pool and just watch the rewards come in after each epoch or do you follow the pool operator on Twitter or through Telegram (and other methods) and get an idea on what to expect in that given epoch? I know it's frustrating to have an epoch provide a good reward and then the next epoch your rewards are like a fraction of what you had the past few days. Do you pay attention to the trend of a pool and how many delegators it has in relation to the live stake? (using []( for example) For those of you reading this that are delegating to a pool what is something you would like to see come from the pool operator you are with? Anything we can do to better help you? It seems KAKE1 had 14 delegators in Epoch 94 and if you are in my pool I want to thank you and invite you (and anyone else) to join in on my telegram channel of the same name. I also have the # of slots assigned ...
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