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Question: What drivers are for demand and utility of ADA token?

Very general question. I was wondering how the ADA token (or crypto in general) is actually utilized for consumption beyond price speculation/ownership/store-of-value (e.g. BTC)? For example, when you mint a NFT, does ADA allocated to mint that NFT forever gets tied to that NFT Likewise with generating native tokens. If so, wouldn't it run out considering a max supply. And if not, and we're able to mint infinite number of NFTs are native tokens on the Cardano blockchain, what drives the actual consumption of the ADA token, besides its use in transaction. Is consumption limited to ownership, staking (interest earning), and as transactional currency? Or are there other use cases driving demand (e.g. governance to vote down the road). When a project is built on Cardano, does it require the project to buy up a lot of ADA? Again, what happens when it runs out. I feel like I'm thinking about this incorrectly and I'm missing something. Could someone clarify?
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